Windshield Wiper Fluid is Best For Your Windshield

If using soap for washing a dirty window with caked on grime is a better option than just using water, why use water on our windshield? The windshield is the window to a car for driving, not just spectating. Thus making sure the best solution for your windshield is very important. At Jubilee Mitsubishi, we always recommend using windshield washer fluid over water, especially in the Waco area.

The fluid solution of the wiper liquid is specially designed to even have a low freezing point much better than water. It is also designed with more strength to pick up dirt…
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Why You Should Own an SUV in Waco

When cruising on the local roads, enjoying the stunning scenery, there is nothing more fulfilling than enjoying it within a spacious, comfortable vehicle that guarantees safety and the power you need. If you're in the middle of a search for a vehicle of this caliber, then you should go the SUV. Unlike countless sedans on the market, our SUVs at Jubilee Mitsubishi have irresistible advantages.


SUVs offer enough space for your legs so that you can relax on the seat comfortably without straining your posture.

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Let Nothing Stop You from Affordable Financing

Owning a vehicle in the local area can be essential for making transportation a breeze. However, most times the apparent obstacle limiting you to get a car is the money. That's where our finance experts at Jubilee Mitsubishi can help you settle on the right lease or financed loan for your next vehicle. If you aren't such which is best for you then allow us to dive into the advantages of each.

Advantages of Leasing:

  • You are only needed to have a small monthly payment plan
  • You can change cars as you please
  • You can have any car…
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A Used Vehicle Might Be Your Best Buy from Jubilee Mitsubishi

When you're searching for your next vehicle, odds are that you're looking for a great deal. Each of our customers at Jubilee Mitsubishi wants their own best buy, as well as comfort, luxury, and dependability. Finding the right model to meet your diverse needs that can fit into your budget can be difficult, which is where our used inventory comes into play!

It's the type of lineup where you'll inevitably find your dream car. We have so many different makes and models, beyond the vehicles that you'll find in our new model lineup. Whether you…

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Practical Application of GAP Insurance in Waco, TX

When you're on the hunt for a new vehicle, you might wonder, "what is GAP Insurance and how does it work?". GAP insurance stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection and acts as an add-on that you can purchase to cover the gap between what your car will be worth on the market and what you currently owe. Our team at Jubilee Mitsubishi is eager to demonstrate the value of this extra coverage and how it stands out for local drivers.

Here's an example of how GAP might work for you: A customer buys a new car for $20,000…

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Protect Your Vehicle with a Brake Inspection

If you are not getting the brake system in your vehicle inspected at least every 12,000 miles, you run the risk of brake failure any time while driving. Here at Jubilee Mitsubishi, we can inspect your entire brake system today and get you safely on your way. These are the top brake failure warnings signs:

  • On the dashboard you will notice that the brake light stays lit all the time.
  • All of a sudden you hear grinding sounds when the brakes are in use.
  • There is leaking brake fluid dripping in the driveway or garage...
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The Importance of Replacing Your Car Battery

Under ideal conditions, a car battery has an average lifespan of four years. However, several factors can interfere with the battery’s performance. These include your driving habits, the climate in your area, and the condition of your charging system. In warmer climates, batteries tend to need early replacement than in colder climates.

Other than a dead battery, you can visit the mechanics at Jubilee Mitsubishi for testing and replacement if your battery has lasted more than four years. If there is buildup around the terminals, you drive your car for short trips only, or you haven’t...

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Is Your Car Under Performing?

While a car isn't meant to last forever, it also isn't expected to fizzle out in the first few years either. And yet, many vehicle owners are hesitant to keep up with recommended scheduled maintenance. Why? Is it the cost? Is it the hassle?

Our team at Jubilee Mitsubishi thinks that it really shouldn't matter. The scheduled maintenance can add years to the lifespan of any vehicle. The cost of regular maintenance way outweighs merely the cost of major mechanical issues. So why do people wait for routine maintenance? It's a problem you can easily avoid…

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Keep Your Pets Safe in a Model from Jubilee Mitsubishi

When you travel through the Waco area with your pets, you can count on things happening which you might not have expected. Like young children, pets can always make the quickest trip into an adventure - for better or worse. Be sure to take this handy list of tips from our team at Jubilee Mitsubishi along for your next ride!


If you are traveling with dogs, you need some specific things to keep you pup from getting restless.

  • Have toys to stop the boredom.
  • Bring baggies for bathroom stops.
  • Don't forget gloves for messes...
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