The Mitsubishi Mirage G4: Designed for Your Comfort

If comfort is a top priority when choosing your next sedan, the 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is sure to deliver. This car was designed to be as spacious as possible. Some cars either have comfortable legroom or extra cargo space. The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 has both. It was awarded best-in-class for overall legroom and comes with more than 12 cubic feet of storage space. No more jamming your bags on top of laps during summer vacation trips.

In addition to having plenty of room, you will also enjoy high-grade climate control in the 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4. Heated front seats in the winter in the SE model will make those blistery days a little more manageable. You can also quickly get into your vehicle with keyless entry and a push-to-start engine that comes standard in both models.

Jubilee Mitsubishi can help you drive away in comfort in the Mitsubishi Mirage G4.



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