The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Provides Unique Features

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 continues to draw attention from car consumers looking for a compact sedan. Over-sized cars have their fans, but many buyers want something lighter and more economical. The compact size isn't the only thing driving the popularity. Other features allow the car to stand out.

The small size doesn't only make parking less difficult. The Mirage G4's design supports outstanding maneuverability. Driving around in a congested area leads drivers to worry about hitting another car or an object. No substitute exists for safe driving, but owning a car capable of navigating narrow city streets helps the cause.

One intriguing feature to the Mirage G4 is the Hill Start Assist (HSA). Driving up steep hills can be annoying. Gravity makes accelerating tough. Brakes face a lot of stress. HSA lends a hand when going up a steep incline. The Mirage won't roll backward easily.

The team at Jubilee Mitsubishi in Waco finds the Mirage G4 an interesting vehicle. Few compact cars are as original as this one.



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