Kits for Cleaning Headlights

One way to clean your headlights yourself would be to get a kit from Jubilee Mitsubishi or from an automotive store. You need to follow all of the directions so that you don't scratch the headlights while you're cleaning them. Avoid rushing through the job as it will take time to properly clean the headlights since there are likely months of dirt caked on them that you might not be able to see.

While you're sanding the headlights, use your hand to make sure the surface is getting clean. Keep the surface wet while sanding to decrease the chance of leaving scratches behind. Consider putting tape around your headlights so that you don't sand the paint off.

Once you've sanded the surface, you might notice that they still look too dirty for driving on the road in Waco, TX. However, once you rinse the surface and apply the clearcoat protectant, the headlights will be clear.

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