The Finer Details of Your Vehicle

When you want your vehicle to look amazing, Jubilee Mitsubishi can give you tips on how to properly detail it. Our advice can help you take pride in the vehicle that you drive around Waco, TX.

The hard plastic and vinyl surfaces of your car can show scuffs and other marks. Most of these blemishes can be easily removed with an all-purpose cleaner and some microfiber towels. If you can't get a mark off, try spraying it with isopropyl alcohol. This method is great for getting rid of scuffs left by shoes. Melamine blocks are also highly effective at dealing with difficult marks.

If you have a lot of pet hair on your carpets, regular vacuuming might not be enough. Using a pumice block to free the pet hair from the carpet before going over it with a vacuum can help get rid of it.

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