Jubilee Mitsubishi has been in the business of selling cars for a while, and part of our success deals with connecting with the people of Waco, TX. One way we connect is by keeping your customers informed; for example, we can give you some pointers for choosing the ideal teen car.

Tips for Choosing Your Teen's First Vehicle

Consider the following:

Low Horsepower

Engines with a lot of horsepower give teens the opportunity to drive faster than other vehicles. You probably do not want to give a young driver that much power because power is tempting.

Big and Good

Bigger vehicles may protect teens a little better than smaller ones, should they be in an accident. Keep in mind that big vehicles are usually slower, which can decrease the chances of an accident.


Many of the safest vehicles out there have ESC or electronic stability control; this feature helps drivers stay in control. It can sense stability issues on curves or on slippery roads and help your teen remain in control.

Good Ratings

It is important that the vehicle chosen has good safety readings from IIHS and the National Highway Safety Administration or NHTSA. Good ratings mean the vehicle is a little safer, and a teen driver needs all the help he or she can get.

We can help you find the ideal vehicle for your teen to test drive, so do not hesitate to make an appointment with us.

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