An Explorartion of Mitsubishi Mirage's Safety Components

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a popular subcompact car. This vehicle is small in stature, is aesthetically pleasing on the eyes and is affordable. "So, how well does its safety features compare to its competitors' safety features?"

First and foremost, the Mitsubishi Mirage has the right amount of safety features, and these safety features can protect you no matter your choice of seating. This vehicle specifically utilizes the proponents of a seven-stage airbag system. This means that all occupants will have some form of airbag protection whether it's in the front seat or it's in the rear seat. For the NHTSA Safety Ratings, this sub-compact car got a four-star rating in a frontal crash, side crash and rollover testing. The Mirage also has child safety locks and Daytime-Running Headlamps.

There you have it. The Mitsubishi Mirage can be viewed in all of its glory by visiting our showroom today, and visitors can expect a test drive.

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