A suspension system does more than absorb the impact of hitting a bump or pothole. The suspension system helps the tires maintain traction, assists with steering and control and makes the ride more comfortable. You may think of your vehicle's suspension as springs and shock absorbers, but there are other components.

The suspension components mount to the frame. The steering mechanism, tires, and wheels are considered part of the suspension system. Coil springs compress to absorb energy from the tires. The torsion bar twists in reaction to bumps. Air springs counter wheel vibration. Shock absorbers moderate the vibration that results when a coil spring compresses and decompresses.

Your vehicle's frame making contact with the road (bottoming out) indicates a suspension issue. Other indicators are a rough ride, pulling to the left or right, and excessive bounce after a bump. For suspension issues and other repairs, stop by Jubilee Mitsubishi in Waco, TX.

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