Special Materials Get Headlights Cleaned Up

It takes special materials and chemicals to get headlights restored. Do not attempt to restore or clean headlights with just any regular type of cleaner. You need to choose something that has been shown to work.

Believe it or not, insect repellents are a popular chemical to use on headlights to restore them. The reason why this works is because the DEET in the insect repellents is a powerful cleaning tool for them, and you would be wise to use it as such.

The thing about the DEET in insect repellents is that you need to keep it off your vehicle as much as you can because you don't want the paint to chip away or be damaged on your vehicle. Paint for a vehicle is very expensive, and you would hate to be the reason why you have to get a new coat of it put on. Don't allow that to happen, spray the repellent into a rag before applying it to the headlight.

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