Tires are a small part of our vehicle but are a very important part. Without good tires on your vehicle, you could have poor gas mileage, and uncomfortable ride or even have a blowout and be stranded on the road. Our team at Jubilee Mitsubishi would love to offer some tips on how to tell if your tire needs replacing.

You can often tell if you need new tires just by looking at the current tires. If they have bulges, bumps, or are showing signs of uneven wear, it’s time to replace them. If your tires are wearing out before their time, this may be indicative of another problem, and your car should be brought in for service. If your car is giving you a bumpy ride, or you feel vibrations, this could also mean it’s time for new tires.

We offer a huge selection of tires and other automotive supplies. Pay our Waco, TX dealership a visit and allow us to replace your tires for you.

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