Our team of dedicated sales and service professionals are proud to serve Waco's surrounding communities, Central Texans, and those who travel from all over the great state of Texas to visit Jubilee Mitsubishi. We are a family owned business committed to upholding the highest standards of customer service. See what our customers have to say about their experience with Jubilee. Visit us today and see for yourself why our team makes the difference!

Highly Recommend
Excellent, professional service. My wife and I purchased a new vehicle (Outlander Sport) there and really enjoy it as much as the kids! The salesman Orlando is very professional and was very patient with us. Highly recommend him for anyone looking to purchase their next vehicle. Great experience? (For a change.) The owner is spectacular and went out of his way to help us. Unheard of, right? Yes, but it is true. Even spoke with him outside. Great guy, sincere in what he does. Driven to drive and compassionate about his business. We cannot thank these gentlemen enough. 5 STARS Will be purchasing from them again!
-James M./ Yelp Review, Sept 2016

Really awesome

I went to multiple dealerships an
d came across this ont. Talked to Jason who was full of understanding and went above and beyone to help me get approved. Seeing the manager and talking with him was a great experience. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone becayse they do for the customer and make the outcome memorable. Thank you Jason and the management team you guys are really awesome!
-Ralph B./ Facebook Review, Nov. 2016

Worth the Drive


"Amazing experience with Brent (Internet/finance)... They made car buying quick and easy, and were so    kind to us and our young boys! We drove almost 2 hours to see them and will    come back for sure (as well as recommend everyone we know!). Y'all made car buying fun."

- Nichole M./ Facebook Review, March 2014

Unparalleled Commitment

This is my fourth purchase from this location and the third purchase from Rodrick Chapman. I initially met Rodrick in 2011 when looking for a second vehicle for my daughter.

While Rodrick was showing my daughter the 2011 Mitsubishis, I happened to see a (pre-owned SUV) and Rodrick encouraged me to take it for a drive. I knew I was going to like it and I did... so we not only got the (SUV) for me but also the 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer for my daughter.

Happened to be in Waco one day (we live in Mexia)... so my son and I stopped by to look at pre-owned trucks; nothing found that first day. Rodrick called a few days later and texted me several pictures of trucks he thought we would like. Due to my work schedule we didn't get to the dealership until 7 pm that Saturday and we were given the courtesy of time in making our decision. Satisfied each time with how the process was handled and the commitment shown by Rodrick.

- Paula W., June 2013

Lancer Love

Love my 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer! It's a great gas saver and I got a great deal on it too... Thanks Roderick!!!

- Esther R./ Via Facebook, Jan 2014

A Great Group

Just got home with my new car. Thank you Jubilee Mitsubishi... Y'all are a great group... Again, thank you!!

- Carrie H./ Via Facebook, Jan 2014
Incredible Kindness and Super-Fast Service

Dear Mr. Bass,

I am writing to say thank you. Your employees, Mr. Emmanuel Green and Mr. Brent Brendemuehl, are incredibly kind and knowledgeable men who turned a bad situation into a pleasant situation for my sister and I. We were traveling from Denton to Austin on March 23, 2015 when the indicator lights in my sister's vehicle started going bonkers. We were both very upset and frightened. Thankfully, my daughter found us directions to your dealership only a few miles from where we had pulled over.

When we arrived we were immediately shown where to pull for service, immediately welcomed by Mr. Brent Brendemuehl and Mr. Emmanuel Green. Mr. Green was very reassuring and immediately took her vehicle back to vet it out. Mr. Brent Brendemuehl offered us refreshments and stayed with us I think to calm us both down! It worked... we calmed down. Within less than 30 minutes Mr. Green was back with good news: the problem was most likely the gas cap being improperly closed and he told my sister and I in detail what he had checked, found, and what to do if it happened again.

Thankfully, it did not happen again. We were both impressed by the incredible kindness shown to both of us by Mr. Green and Mr. Brendemuehl plus the super-fast service. It was nice and comforting to be treated as if we were special. We finished the trip in a good mood... at least until we got into the Austin traffic! We will never forget the kindness shown to us by these two lovely gentlemen.

Terry W.
Letter to the GM, May 2015

5 Star Experience

"My experience with Larry was 5 Star. Larry treated me with respect and dignity."

- Rachel E., July 2015

I'll Be Back!

Took my truck in for an oil change and asked the Jubilee Service Manager to check and see if any major service was needed for my 160K mile mark. I later received a phone call "...Your vehicle is ready and you are current on all of your normal service checkpoints." NO WAY!! Jubilee did not try to sell me extra service or parts I didn't need?!? ... Thank you Jubilee, I'll be back for my next oil change and service!"

-Kim J./ Via Facebook, April 2014

Jubilee's Service Puts Waco on the Map

My sister is from Huntsville, Texas and has to have her (vehicle) serviced in Houston. She was visiting me this weekend and her oil light came on to remind her that it needed changing. Since she didn't want to have to wait and have it changed after driving to Huntsville and then Houston, I suggested that she take it to your service department. She just called me to say that she has never had a better experience than the one she had at your dealership. She said that everyone there was so friendly... To think that a dealership in a city the size of Waco can blow a Houston dealership off the map is a very good testament to your organization. Thank you for taking such good care of her!

- Linda J., Feb 2014

Service Worth the Trip

This is on the short list of "dealerships I don't mind dealing with," and for good reason. My parents bought (my Lancer) here, and it's been the best car I've ever had. It's been silly reliable for 55,000 miles and has held up even though I've been driving it. I tend to break stuff. That's no small feat.

I kept going back to this service department even after I moved away from Waco for a few reasons... They're about the same for an oil change as most of the other places in town, so heck, I just took it here, and that meant it got a full look-over from people who know what to look for on a Mitsu... I've never felt pressured into getting extra service done... Overall -- very nice people, and I love this car.

- Stef S./ Yelp Review, June 2012
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